“Why do we fall, Bruce?” “So that we can can learn to pick ourselves up.”

You’re wrong, Mr. Wayne. We fall, but only to realise it’s us who has to stand up, all by ourselves, on our very own, through learning, realising our truest potentials, intentions and character. The learning is what liberates you. The awareness of yourself Even the very attempt counts as much. And this simple realisation doesn’t come easy. First we fall, then we look around. We cry, we wail. We nag, scream, beg for help. But who do we wait for? Someone to offer us a hand? Sure. In a perfect world which for now remains a dream. We do not find anyone who in the purest of intentions wants to help, without expecting anything in return. We’re never meant to. Notice how they fail you? Ridden by their greed, hunger ruled by a false ego which burns and eats you within? Do you understand? Do you see it? Experienced this you have. Haven’t you? Haven’t you sat looking out in distance while flashes from memories you comprehend, blind you and take you away while you, like lunatic, mad being, ride along wondering how times have changed? In the name of an offering hand only pain, misery ridden with guilt and ego have come to your respite. Oh what respite call it you can? You’re here. In this moment. And this is what exists right now. If you fall today, you know to stand up on your own. But how? Through experiences. Experiences happening in then present reality, mere lessons worth learning have the become now. Fall, but stand up on your own. There is no help unless you’re a blessed child.

You make excuses. You try reasoning with yourself. You say the times have changed. You say sometimes people do too. But do they? People never change. How they respond to your presence is where the constant change lies at. Time never changes too. It’s all here. In this moment. It’s around you. Around me. It’s built in this very fabric of our Universe, how can it then change? What changes is the way we see this world. It’s constantly changing, isn’t it? Shifting, turning, going places. It moves with you. It sticks to you. It is you. It is the way you see yourself, a reflection of your understanding of your own self. It is the very perception of your own self and it is the reflection of what you comprehend from your experiences which ever so constantly, with each moment of passed time morphs you as a whole, in or out of sync with the bigger reality. This is what you call change. The metamorphosis. Like a snake which moults, like a deed which fruits. Wouldn’t you wear a better skin now? How would you get it though? Thought about it, have you? You change the way you look at things. You transform. Rule your mind and guide it to reflect what’s already within you. A world full of magnificent, infinite love. This simple thought works magic. Oh yes. The put-your-thoughts-in-a-cradle-turn-you-into-a-kid-all-over-again maddening, ludicrous circus that is your true nature, reveals itself through your actions, through this creation around you in such a way the very world around you morphs itself, by itself, at a blink of an eye. It is then the life you live blesses you, and your world. You notice coincidences. You realise how unindividualistic our efforts need to be. The very core of your soul speaks in the same tongue as mine. As others’. You understand it. You respond to it without having any need to use spoken words. Isn’t the silence shared by a few most beautiful of experiences? It provides warmth. Comfort. Would you not change how you perceive this reality then? Shift your focus. Realise who you are. And the only way you’d achieve it is  when you become transient. Elevate yourself. Think. Isn’t it what you do anyway? Think? Over and over again? Lost in time living the miseries of memories you’d rather liquidate forever? Rise, dear child. Shed your skin and breathe free.

Every attempt to sit and ponder over the times that have gone by, being worried about how the storms would eradicate you or the sun would shine in the coming times, would result in pain. More misery. Suffering. You being wondering how any action of the past would have resulted in the present that’d perhaps be different. Foolish thoughts, games that your mind plays over you and your false perception of the time that’s passing by right now begin molesting the soul which you really are. It is being in this moment, ever changing and creating through the world around you and in sync, which turns out to be the ulterior, truest reflection of your core self. The metamorphosis. You as a soul being henceforth knows the honest, virile, fertile, virgin reality. It understands. It observes, and reflects through your actions. You see it in people around you. You connect. You realise untapped potential for love, brotherhood, harmony, compassion and partnership. The world around you changes. You smile. You blush. You feel blessed. You understand how every action being taken by you has the potential to change everything for better, influence people and gradually begin the long yet glorious walk towards oneness. The perfect world. Our dream.

It all seems like the perfect winter day, snowy peaks and the bright, warm Sun. Yet, it isn’t. All it is right now is a world full of disgusting, adherent, negativity which on a Summer day would turn out to be hot air laden with humidity. You feel the shirt stick onto your sweaty back, while your broken, dry lips mercifully await the monsoon rain? In a world full of hatred and the usual cacophony, you feel left out. Isolated. Wasted. You see your energies disperse, pushing you towards the boundaries of unsustainability. Alone, wondering where to start picking up pieces of your life which you see is getting wasted over trivial chores the society unfortunately has created and made mandatory, you begin losing out on your present. This is where your mind disperses and thus begins your downfall. You experience nothing but an endless dive, as people watch on by, whispering in the plastic ears incapable of expressing their true selves. Rise you must, and alone. For you’ve fallen alone too, while the world shifted around you. Yet, a hope remains. Blessed are those who find themselves but falling, yet together with more, desperately trying to grasp and hold on to while the world still shifts around. In that moment, you lose the sense of time. These blessed souls only exist so they can experience this infinitesimal moment in time, time yet unbounded, prodigious and infinite in all its existence. Because it’s all here. It’s in that tiny moment they get in conversance with all the vastness of all creation. Unfathomed love the poets would call it. Because it is in this moment the souls realise what existence is all about. And how through our individual efforts towards each other brings about a sense of reality to the otherwise dreamt world. Through individual actions and self help do we find love, and learn how it’s about dedicating your complete existence, in all time, to one another. Perhaps then we’d experience the real form of salvation and liberation.

So fall. But don’t look around. Help yourself. Maybe through this attempt of self liberation would others begin wondering about themselves too. Maybe you’ll learn there’s no one to help you, and changing how you perceive yourself in those dark times would liberate you. Maybe in the dark you’ll smash yourself against another lost soul, eager to find light. Oh to their delight and to yours too, would you together find a way to help each other out. Maybe they’ll instead try pushing you down, choking you, suffocating you, but lose the fight must you not. You know they’re lost too, desperate, unaware and blind. They’re weak. But their surviving chances are bleak, unless they change too. It’s all around you. The change, in perception, through actions, projected as the world around us. Mustn’t you change too? If there’s a dark, there’ll be light. Yet it won’t shine bright unless you open your eyes and see. Realise. Change. Because it’s the only thing constant anyway when you deal with Creation. If you wall, stand up. Only through these falls, dark times would you find your true self.

“Why must we fall, Bruce?” “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up regardless of how things change around us. So that we can help ourselves. Hence Others around us. Isn’t it what we all want within our hearts, Father? A perfect world, within us and hence all around us?” “You’ve grown, Bruce. Now I know if you’re out there, even when the world around you comes crashing down, when all hopes fail and it’s night all around, you’ll stand up on your own.”


2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. I’m gonna fall but I think I’m going to completely enjoy it. It will strip me off my very essence, my soul and I will still enjoy it. When the matter I’m made of, returns to its roots will I know that I’m part of this universe too.


    1. The noble act of accepting everything that gets thrown at you subjugates all your fears, tears and otherwise haunting encounters with the world you stroll in and people you’re surrounded by, unsurprisingly works in your favour. It’s like the little kid in the supermarket who has to navigate through all spaces filled with all the stuff in the world he doesn’t, recognise, associate or give a damn about, to eventually find the magical candy aisle. Without entering these foreign lands he knows he’s never making it to the pop tarts.
      Probably this is why we must enjoy every fall too. Wouldn’t you be glad of anything and any experience which allows you to learn more about yourself?


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