Why your ‘love’ failed. No, seriously!

Life, Love

“I love you, and I always will”

Funny how these three little words have always either been the backbone and the foundation stone for many stories or they’ve just been the laughing stock of millions of us. It’s true, how the notions of love have the power to influence a few. Yet this influence can enhance or destroy our beliefs in a second. Light up the sky or darken up the colours. But filters of reality, theories, studies, statistics and subjugation of nothing but distraught clarity only affect us for the worse; Unless someone comes along, someone who starts defining everything you’ve ever created for the better, like a patronus charm used on the death eaters, these beliefs mixed up with the ‘wonders’ of our ego just lift us up and put us in the gutter.
Failed relationships. ‘Love hurts, it just has to!’, ‘Love causes only pain’, “Oh don’t waste your time, just have fun and chill”, “Don’t be so serious, we’re only having fun”; Words like these and sentences strung around and woven with lust and flutter –

Does that remind of anything? A broken record maybe? A plastic piece of junk, the disposed crumbled Styrofoam cup, that puddle of muck and such a world which’s stuck in a limbo. And the shit just keeps hitting you in your face until you finally either realise this isn’t really love, or begin questioning love itself, the word whose meaning your f*cked up piece of sh*t mind can’t just get right in its true meaning.

Yes, I’m talking about each and everyone of us here. We’ve been all there, yes. Stuck with wrong a*s people, together sh*tting on each and every thing that gets ‘thrown’ in our ways. It’s simply like this –┬áNeither you, nor your ‘partner’ ever grasped what it really means to love. Does it pinch you? Oh you poor baby. F*cker. Slap yourself out of it before you not only will continue swimming in your own pile of miserable experiences, dying a suffocating death where even a wee bit air will seem like Nirvana.

Instead, all what you do all this while is build up notions and beliefs; based on the absolute horror of a guide which is our ego. You say it’s our personality.It’s ‘who you are’. Listen to me, you’re nothing but bullf*ckingsh*ting yourself.

What else has this peculiar though depressed a thought process to live your ‘life’ has ever brought you? Heart breaks? Betrayals? Oh she cheated on you. Well la di f*cking da.
Have you ever wondered instead of looking out for answers for what she did and what you did because of what she did to you, a very interesting (for the creative kinds of you) way of going about it would be to think(only because as jobless f*cktards as we are, who just love sitting and thnking all day) “What did I do to myself to go through an experience this macabre?” Only thing which comes to an average mind (yes, we all have been there, most of us still are) is another creation, another deathly foundation to more misery; Wrong belief system about relationships and love itself.

It’s the same thing with everyone to be honest. Every relationship, hook-up, affair, ‘thing’ which begins, beings on happiness. Everyone is happy. But soon, you begin tumbling down. Thing is, your life’s been so miserable without this one person that the happiness you get out of realising about them, being with them is alien to you. And you’re terrible as f*ck at even grasping this single fact. You’re just not capable enough to take up this energy upon you, and you crumble. You succumb to ‘darkness’, to misery. May is it love then, and simply put, you’re just not worthy of being able to hold it and hold yourself to be able to stand up under such immense enlightenment.

Until they all began going out with you and you called yourself a ‘thing’, were you not alright about each and every thing about them then? Everything was fine, and you ran after them. Chased them because you still wanted to be them. Until the moment arrives when you two become a couple.
And then, begins the rounds of ego bouts. ‘Let’s hit each other with all the force, all our ego and see who wins’. I hate competitions. It f*cks up the foundation of the thought how every one is equal and all are One.
Anyway, you pile up and throw sh*t at each other. Put your beliefs upon them. Force them, choke them and deep throat them. And then, you get bored. Why? Because they’re just not listening to you and doing as you like? Like? Hahaha! (What are we smoking seriously?)

Your likes matter, but to yourself. Which is why they are YOUR likes. It does not matter if they like the same school of thought. They’re not OBLIGED to you.
Oh and by the way, all this while mind you, you think and you’re so sure, so sure that you keep saying the same thing over and over again: “I love you”.

No. You don’t.

Love means surrender. You pick everything up that you have, wrap it around in a bubble wrap, and just hand it over to your partner. If you can’t do that and are not ready for it, or simply are just insecure and need a back up, an escape route, emergency exit, you’re NOT in love. Simple as that.
When you surrender, the forces protect you, because these forces in material form, in flesh and bones, are you! So basically, all this while, you’re keeping yourself protected by surrendering yourself. Whom do you surrender to, and why? Good question. Simply because the person in front of you is nothing you yourself. (Remember how everyone always ends up saying we all are the same, and then we go home and take a sh*t and flush every good thing that you just came home eating after?)
Love, then simply put,is everything that there is. Likes, dislikes, hurt, happiness, everything is self created. Whereas love, it just is. Perhaps an act where you are so kind and truthful to yourself that you don’t let even your own actions get the better of you and you protect yourself. When you do that, you only attract what you really are – Love itself! And when you come across someone who understands it, you don’t feel they’re anyone else. They’re just the exact replica of you. And you push towards more love, in all its truest forms!

Which is why there’s growth. You grow, and so does your partner. There’s a flow; remember how you just surrendered to this flow? If the flow stops, stagnation, boredom occurs. Doubts, misunderstandings, growth of ego takes place. It’s a dynamic thing, just like how galaxies evolve, we take birth and die, just how the time keeps passing by. Love, in itself, simply grows. Anything short, well my innocent ones, it’s just a dirty stinky lie.