The inception

Awakening, Life

Dwelling on the past.
Worried about the future.
Tensed in present.
And oh how reassuringly you say you’re alive.

The existence in heart beats if you measure, why not ridden on bed, asleep throughout your life would you call being alive?

Measure yourself, but in present. Each breath coming out of your lips when you heave a sigh, every flicker of an eye as the time passes by, stay alive. And feel the grace of being alive. Isn’t that enough to bring you to a smile? Why O’ child, then would you cry? Lost in the memories of the world passed by?

I need you alive. I want you alive. Living, breathing, dancing, cherishing in all your glory, the very you behold within your troubled mind. For what it’d bring, would be an overwhelming sense of denouement. The ultimate truth. Your precious purpose. Funny part is that there is no secret to it. Be like the cow silently and with utter patience which grazes over the green pastures. Unbothered, about how much time has passed. Omnipresent. She’s here. You can be too. Oh, wait. There but is a secret. Well, not to those who followed beloved Dr. Einstein closely. Time is merely a cage our minds have constructed around us, limiting our very existence. Infinite wisdom and higher energies are beyond the realms of our petty minds. Limited is what we all are. Time hence merely defines these boundaries within which we must carry our chores before we go. Go. “Oh but where?” you’d ask. And why would you not? Go beyond these boundaries. Liberate..

Resonate with me. Together, works magic. Tiny little thing, a carbon atom for example, isn’t capable enough to even dream about a world. Let alone a world where Life would evolve. Is it conscious? Yes. Embedded within it is a strict code. Of togetherness. The amber hue which wakes you up in your room has its origins unfathomable miles away. The very source of Light, our little Sun. Embedded within it is the same code of togetherness too! Like the carbon atom, hydrogen atoms come together and create energy, the very source of your natural morning alarm. Life just glows as it bathes in the golden hue of the morning Sun, doesn’t it? But our hydrogen doesn’t stop there. It yet comes together with our never forgotten carbon and plants the seeds of Life. Look how these two created the world around us, created me and created you. Alike, similar, convergent, uniting and specks of dust are we. Why not together we all must then be? In harmony, with love and guilt free?

Hold on. Breathe. Come back. Look around. In accord forget you can, we have ceased to exist in the same space and time. Spaces are physical. Worry about it must you not. But time is a cruel, misery filled, haunting of a concept. Unless we both are here, together, in resonance, in tune, coupled, hinged and bridged, dreaming about a place in this world which’d be your Home would be all too foolish an ask. Present you need to be. Here. Hands held, lips pursed and hearts pounding, while time emanates by, within ourselves we’ll find happiest of Homes, hopes and dreams, treasured Universes where times freeze. Liberate shall we be, like those cows, grazing on a hilltop merrily. The truth reveals itself, not through a spectacle, never through a debacle but through you it finds itself. You are the truth. There’s no better evidence of Life being the most beautiful thing to ever happen through consciousness than you yourself. You are the ultimate. You are the truth. Find yourself, by being here. Existing in every word that comes out of your mouth, in every dream which elevates your tertiary senses when you sleep, through every tear you weep. For only Present negates the need of a world with time reining it. Every action becomes effortless and righteousness becomes your default virtue. Call it liberation would you not, when you and I unite as one, grow consciously, to a higher realm? Only as one do we Evolve.

Synchronise. Hold my hand and take the dive. Close your eyes. You don’t need to see where you’re heading to. The very origin of the thought of taking the plunge comes to our minds effortlessly. It is the gut feeling which reveals our true selves. Would you trust your own self then? Doubt kills you.

Be here. Still. Ride the wave of time. Make it your puppet. Be the mistress. Latent. Hear your breaths? Ride them with me. Be quiescent. Notice the stillness around you. Notice me noticing you. Observing you. I’ve always been here. You’ve too. We existed in all time. Are you aware of me now? Let your words out. Notice how the space around us creates the perfect place for your words to fit in. To make them aware. Stay still. Calm down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Feel the warmth as I engulf you. Shield you. Yet like a balloon when filled with air, allow you to grow. Should be the very nature of every soul, every mind and every body on this planet to provide for one another. This is how we grow. This is how we evolve. Together. It all works magic.