“Faith is not the clinging to a shrine but an endless pilgrimage of the heart”

Hello beautiful. Yes you. The traveller. Wanderer. You’ve arrived here, your odyssey lasting all the years you’ve walked this planet, ever experiencing and learning. Evolving each moment in time. Yet here you are, with an unannounced, hidden faith that you probably are unaware of, in events, lending your ears to someone you weren’t even aware of until now. What do you seek? What do you expect? Is it not the insentient yet truest of faiths of experiencing something which somehow brings you any degree of peace? Do you seek to connect? Faith, as they say, finds a way to work about its mysteries. So hang on, hold tight. You might like this trek.

Have you noticed every breath that you take? How you tuck yourself in every night, heeding yourself to distant dreams, knowing, having faith, and in all awareness, that you’ll see the next morning? How you overcome every heartbreaks eventually, maybe reasoning with yourself that time would heal everything?  Absolute faith, in all its glory, is hidden in that tiny fragment of time when you’re just about to make a choice and stick to it, abide by it, function within its parameters and its scope; Or through submit yourself to natural course, believing with all your heart in hands that attempt to reach out to you. Such God-like belief though is beyond the realm of the five senses. You can’t see it. Neither can you smell, taste, touch or hear it. It’s ruled by your true self, your soul in a very different dimension, so that your perceptive reality and influence of your five senses cannot hinder its evolution. Or death. It comes naturally, effortlessly. It’s built in the

When you seek physical, material pleasures, becomes easy to lose faith it does. For you believe in things which end up disappointing you. Breaking you apart. Tearing you into pieces, pieces that you cannot recognise. You lose yourself. Wonder about how miserable times have become. This misery causes the ever diminishing belief in yourself to overcome all pain that hold you back, cease your liberation. And why not. You eventually exist as matter, in this world made up ‘things’ having a beginning and an end. Why mustn’t the happiness gathered through relationships, achievements, success end in a gloom too? It is this misery that tests your belief system. Why mustn’t your true character, the very learning of your soul go through this onerous path? See how the trek turns and bends, makes you climb and drenches you in sweat? It was never meant to be easy. Had the otherwise been the case, you and I both would be living in a world bathing in love, honour, respect, oneness for one another?

Our choices hence come into the panorama. Can you hear yourself breathe right now? Notice how you’ve always been breathing this way ever since your began existing not as merely a consciousness but a physical being? How infinite it seems? Yet how delicate. You have a choice. You can pick yourself up, walk out to the balcony and end this misery, at least the one associated with this physical world? You always have a choice. Yet you live on. Why? What are you waiting for? Do you expect it to change? You do. Don’t you? So much faith, in something you’ve no consciousness of? Why? This unanswerable question, this single though defines the truest nature of absolute faith. You know it’d change. It’s bound to. It’s always been ever changing. So will this. Learn from your past, do you not? Learn. Yearn, but for higher sense of your own self. Of your soul. The sublime entity that is You. Believe. You’re strong. Pain doesn’t affect you. You smile. Because you now know it’s the only way you’ll ever redeem yourself. The faith you’re supposed to be aware of lies in the very core of you. It’s the motor sense that shakes you up and tells you “Hey you absolute darling of a being, you can choose to cry, try to live by, wait, cease to grow or you can realise how what seems like agony is veritably your rebirth. Liberation from your pain body. Awareness of the higher reality; This desolation is the very plan, the plan to make you understand that every event that takes place in association with you is inevitably the way it’s bound to take place. It is your choice then which transforms your self consciousness into that of higher awareness. People, when they realise this, would display absolute faith in every experience they undergo. Every other person that they meet, how they treat and greet, hence turns out to be part of the same plan, the bigger picture.

Remember the magic of togetherness? How little pieces when brought together solve most bewildering of puzzles? Absolute faith brings our consciousness at par with that of others, enabling us to work for the greater good. It makes you stand up every time you fall. Because once learning ends, actions begin. Every action, thus is of unadulterated brilliance, in unison with the creation itself, of liberation and freedom from all time and space. You elevate. Evolve. Perish all your sorrows, physical pain, miseries of the past and worries of the future then. You arrive here. In present. Without much regard to the past, without any concern of the unseen future. Believe in what’s here, right now. Never forget the simple act of never doubting your own self, never blaming the predicament, yet smiling in all your silliness, in awe and absolute romance with the creation itself. Your heart yearns, for it knows without faith, even love doesn’t stand a chance. Without love, your constant yearned Peace becomes an alien concept. Reach for the state where convictions precede actions. For then every fall brings a smile on your face instead of the darkness which’d rather surround you and eventually cause your annihilation.

“There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first moments of our first great sorrow, when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and be healed, to have despaired and have recovered hope and faith.”