Before we begin this ride, grasp your belts. Be ready for failure still, for this ride is better experienced than read in miserable words, another failed human attempt to express themselves in the truest forms. All the Shakespeares and Tolstoys, their written wonders or just tales of spoken joys, none of the created illusions of an experienced soul can ever be laid down in words, take any langauge at that. And if you’re still persistent, be my forever welcomed guest.
As my beloved Pink Floyd plays in the background and sings songs about rebirths and a brand new day, this is really about beginnings. Changes. The ever succumbed wounds to which souls have even perished, and how they have found their place in this spectacular galactic staged drama known as this life. They’ve been here, where I stand today. And oh just years of yearning it builds its foundations upon, the glorious present which if you’re careful, in all its honest forms has always been here. Yet look back and you see the days dreamt away in afternoon naps and awakened nights. Full of horror and plights. Centuries of unawakened trust and milleniums of foul cries, all beyond and gone, I stand here now telling you that this place still is only as beautiful as you want to see it. We build our own nightmares.
In a missed heart beat that can forever clear your doubts about what lies beyond this point in time, your life can disappear forever too. Why not make of what you’ve got now? Lost in the tiny seconds that tick away while you’re busy noticing how ugly someone looks, lies the reality that basically sweeps you off by your feet that you fall flat faced on the floor, bleed and die. All the pain you burdened yourself with, experiences haunting you like bullets forever stuck inside you, disappears and you’re born again. Phoenix reminds you how that’s what you’re destined for, and you find your muse. You appreciate its presence, see the shiniest of lights. They take you home, while the trance that is this very creation of things material and beyond matter alike sways you away and you flow with it. The synchronized motions of limbs, the movements of the very atoms that make up air, all being controlled by a divine presence that aids all of the time and space. Divine, because it is flawless. Beyond measures of body, mind and matter, governed by forces that surround us and are the clockworkers playing with us jewels.
Trance continues. You’re lost. Yet aware of each breath that you take. This surely is love, and it’s divine. You see the stars, and they tell you tales. You hear them at nights, when with empty hearts and unfulfilled desires the yearning exposes itself onto you. Yet you smile, because you know all what exists, ever has and forever will continue to, is all here. And like jumpers between the planes of existence, you make the jump, and decide where you want to be. The senses deceive and like puppets, without a heart and a soul, dancing to the cacophony that surrounds, unaware and morbid, existed I have. Time and its continuum ever so gliding ahead, breaking the very laws within which we restrict ourselves, answered echoes of a calling I have. The joy within us which we live on our lives by without being aware of stays dormant and dead unless you break the laws. There lies a world beyond the one which we are so used to, a world full of love and no greed. Only truths, acceptances, yet heartbreaks over come by only the sense of love, the love which hides within us, a world so beautiful that you weep for hours. And yet the embrace, warmest of the geysers emerging from the very bosoms of the planet which we otherwise consider dead and a thing.
Within these embraces lies a land of hope, utter peace and the truest of homes.



Awakening, Life

“Follow me down to the valley below
You know, the moonlight is bleeding from out of your soul”

As I sit here, in an absolute admiration, unerring awe of every moment that passes me by, all I feel is this undiluted, unmitigated love for you. Because its in you that I see myself. All my fears. All my worries. All my laughters, tears, falls, victories, achievements and each and every moment that I’ve sat here, bewildered if there’s an end to this seemingly endless sorrow that plagues our world. It’s in you that I find the courage to carry on. Hope. And dream. You after all, the very construct of my world. The world as I see it, experience it in each breath that I take. Each wrong turn that I make. Every summer when I sweat and every winter when I shed my old skin and take rebirth. Rejoice. It’s my world after all.

The very strain of this world is embedded with this very love that I speak so highly of. I’ve experienced it. I’ve wanted to express it, when I saw you curl up into a ball and cry. When you sit by the window and watch the world go by. In every heart break that you put through, in every grain of sand that moulds you. Those long, empty hearted walks on a dark, cold, november night, When your walk had been too long and the sun shone above your head, lambent up high. The rainy nights when you’ve achhoo’d, in every judgment you mistook. I’ve been there. Witnessing it, watching my self unfold through you. I love you. I always have. We share the same fate, do we not? We’ve materialised our souls into this world, at the same time, to work together for our growth. To rescue ourselves. From ourselves. Through our very selves. It’s why we’re here. In this very time. Together, existing, getting reborn in every second. Because all what’s there in this world, in this universe and in this very physical, material creation, is this very moment.

There IS no past. There’s no future. It’s all but a construct of our minds, the way we’ve perceived our experiences, how we’ve understood them. And how we can expect them to be like, depending on our very actions. It’s nothing in there but pain and misery, because our actions themselves haven’t been up to the mark. Do you feel the guilt? You see the moments you’ve lied flash before you. Times when you’ve stolen something. The truth, from someone. Love, too. When you haven’t shared how much pain you’re in, how you wanted the time to just pass by. When your dreams ceased to materialise. Cried, a lot, haven’t you? It’s funny how we all share similar themed events which just take place in different times in our lives. Because in all these parts we’ve lived within each other. Experienced the world in the same way, however briefly. Because it’s our world that we share after all. Why must it all yet be different in the end? We weren’t born at the same time. Neither will we die. But these moments, which have faith in our souls, recreate us, give birth to us and reassure us in a peculiar way, that it all seems very comforting; That we’re here now. And we must work together. Embody each other, engulf in an eternal, just, endless, truthful, faithful love. Ever so working for each other, through each other because we MUST realise that all these moments have put faith in us, that we’d work exactly the way it all does. Through these forces that are beyond our comprehension, forces that give us courage, faith and an everlasting sense of happiness when we work for each other.

Sit, one day, at notice someone in an endless pain. Look at Mrs. Drudgers. Her husband’s left her. Her kid gets bullied at school and the teachers don’t help either. Her sister’s married to a hotelier in Hawaii, and hasn’t called ever since she got married. The employers don’t pay enough to live through a winter without having the heater bills over due three times. Observe how she sits at the fireplace which hasn’t been lit since forever, staring blankly at the charred, broken tiles at the back and wonder how her life’s turned out the same way. Wouldn’t you want to just hug her and hold her hand, reassuring how you’re here now? Let’s walk a bit. Let’s breathe. But wait. Here’s little Tim. He’s 13. He hasn’t seen his dad. Ever. His little brother can barely talk. His mother, Mrs. Bates, slogs 10 hours at a cloth factory to barely provide her kids 5 days’ meal. Her husband went out to get milk one night and never returned. They learnt he was stabbed 18 times that night. But Tim, he’s a strong lad. He comforts her mother, he sees and connects with the same pain. He bites his lips so hard sometimes that they bleed, for he mustn’t shed a tear. He’s strong, he knows. He likes to read though. But he’s just one book. Never has he had enough money to buy one. He gets his pocket money though, yet he puts it in his piggy bank, to save for his brother’s treatment. He sits in the playground at school, near the cherry tree, while the other kids play football. He sits, he cries. Here he can, no one’s watching him.

You relate to these events. It makes you wonder of all what seems like injustice in this world. But would you rather sit and continue to wonder without arriving anywhere, or get up and take little Tim to his favourite football club’s match and buy him ice cream? It’s in our very nature to love, because we connect. We’re here, bridged and sewn together in every tiny second, being mere puppets, dancing to the tunes of the very source that governs us, governs all eternity. You and I are the same thought, idea, just expressed in different ways. In order to be perfect, everything must cater to the better resolve of this very creation, every deed done in harmonious way. Through love. Through its own self. Why must we be any different? Well, we can. But then we’ll perish, like everything that has failed to understand this very thought. It is this perishing force which allows our egos to act instead let our very core soul take control. It is then we begin focusing on the outcomes instead of the very force which creates. We lose sight of our actions, we hurt each other. Individualise. Don’t let your ego take a hold of you. It’s not your true nature, which is of eternal and unbound love and acceptance of each other. It’s this acceptance of each other which contributes towards, and enhances this pious grand scheme. After all, through this very oneness do we Evolve. And isn’t evolution the very way everything works? The very world that we share evolves in every breath of ours. It would cease to exist the moment there’s no exhale to your inhale. Love, would you rather not then? Be mesmerised, and yet constantly materialise into a better being, experience this love through the act of loving itself? It’s a beautiful world that we’ve got, only love feeds its soul. Let it Evolve.